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Full-Length Movie on YouTube: Ghostbuster

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Today is the last day that YouTube is featuring the greatest documentary on paranormal investigation and activity ever produced in full … for FREE.  Here’s an excerpt from the YouTube Blog:

Today, we wrap up our week-long feature of the 1984 classic,Ghostbusters. Over half a million of you tuned in, but many more of you outside the U.S. wanted to. Some of you have also wondered why the movie would come off the site. We work with our partners to make content as widely available as possible and for as long as possible. However, videos distributed on YouTube belongs to those who create and/or own them, not to us.

Anyhow, since they won’t let me embed the video, here’s the link to the movie:


iPhone Screen Grabs

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Having just gotten my iPhone a month ago, I’m still catching up on some of its features. I just figured out how to take a screen shot on the iPhone. Here are the directions:

1. Hold down the home button and then press the top button.
2. The screen will flash meaning that the screenshot was taken.
3. Go to your camera roll to view the screen grab.


The kids are the future

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Kids from PS22 in NYC sing Eye of the Tiger:


Facebook offends with redesign

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Facebook rolled-out a new layout this week, with rounder image corners and a status updates ad nauseum. People are pissed. According to a poll presented on Techcrunch earlier today, 94 percent of the 800,000 respondents do not like the redesign.

What do you think?


Will Ferrell is my new best friend

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will_ferrellI had just headed through airport security at Terminal 4 at JFK this afternoon, and I was on my way for a quick stop at the Men’s Room before stopping by the gate for my Virgin America flight to LA.  Little did I know, my pre-flight pit stop would result in a truly life changing moment.

As I stepped up to a urinal in the restroom, I took a quick glance to my left and saw Will Ferrell standing at the stall, simultaneously relieving himself.  Still standing at the stall, I reached for my camera phone in my pocket to snap a quick shot for posterity of me peeing along side Will Ferrell.  However – for better or for worst – I decided it wasn’t prudent to take a photo of a man urinating in a public restroom.  Fortunately, after washing my hands with the SNL alum, I ran into he and his family as we all boarded the same Virgin America flight to LA together.  I took this photo of Will as he waited for first class to board, like the mild-mannered stalker I am.


Virgin America is great

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Virgin America is easily the best domestic airline. Easily. The quality and comfort of the flight is unparalleled and unprecedented within the US.

I write this post from seat 25D of Virgin America Flight 411 to LA (from JFK), and while we’re currently in hour four of the cross-country flight, I have still enjoyed every minute of the flight. Setting the mood of the flight, we’re greeted with psudo club-like, purple lighting, black leather seats and Moby-esq electro-pop and a free drink upon takeoff. It also doesn’t hurt that a majority of the flight attendants are attractive and treat you as if you’ve just shown up to a killer house party at their sorority. This is either my fourth or fifth flight on Virgin America, and I will really try to ensure my next flight to the west coast is with them again. Hopefully they’ll have WiFI on all flights by that point, and I’ll be able to live blog the awesomeness.

If there is anyone from Virgin America or its PR agency who picked up this post in his or her monitoring report, be glad, because you work for/on a kick-ass company/brand.